February 2018 archive

BYOCB Show 109 – Clam Tram

 We got together on a Saturday morning for some round soccer ball match stuff at Beer Rev.  Big thanks to Garrick for the donuts.  Fisher, Alex, The Intern, and Logic man share some coffee, donuts, beers, and laughs on this off the wall episode.  On this episode, we discuss – Orlando Indie Comedy Fest …

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BYOCB Show 108 – The Hole and the Twacker

 Alex AKA Fast Food Jesus went on a road trip with his good buddy, Vegeta.  Along the way, they stopped off to meet their other good buddy, Logic Man.  What kind of trouble can they possibly get into with Fisher and The Intern not with them? This is what you call making up show …

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BYOCB Bonus – Backpack Social

 There’s really not a lot we can say about our friend RJ Welsh from Backpack Social, except the man is so fun to be around and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living your life and traveling this great planet that we live on.  From his beer adventures to his massage …

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