BYOCB Show 20 – Golden Corral Lance Bass

We had a great time during show 20 as we’re very excited for the upcoming Tom and Dan Bad at Business Beerfest.  We had virtual Adam on the show as we discussed Thanksgiving traditions.  On this episode, you’ll hear

– Universal Studios versus Walt Disney World

– Alex went hard at a Kinkfest

– Shia LaBeouf raps

– They now have Amber Alerts for pets

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BYOCB Show 19 – Word to Your Mother

From Lakeland’s Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev), we’re back with show 19 where we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby hitting number one on the charts.  Word to your mother!  On this show, you’ll hear

– Fancy steak dinners

– Alex’s friends all have odd character names

– Polk county crime sprees and ruining Halloween

– Surgeries and hospital food

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BYOCB Show 18 – Bri Ochelson

It’s an extra long episode from Lakeland’s Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev), we discuss how society uses social media to interact and what “The Facebook” is really all about to us.  We kick off the show by talking about what’s been going on with us since the last show, including a battle with a pretzel bun.  On this episode, we discuss

– Chris is podcast crazy

– Adam is all about some Swervey Jones Show

– Uber drivers

– Pretzel buns

– Shaving is therapeutic

– Is it logical to have someone else shave you?

– Pumpkin carving is just a mess

– The Walking Dead really opened up some conspiracy theories

– Orange is the New Black

– What “The Facebook” means to us

– Social media has taken over the world

We drink. We talk. We laugh. We drink. Follow the show on Twitter @BYOCBShow and the listen to the entire show catalog HERE.  Subscribe and rate the show on iTunes.


BYOCB Show 17 – Cheap Beer Challenge

In an attempt to prove our beer snobbery, we took part in a cheap beer challenge to see if we could rank and decipher the big boy beer company’s top sellers.  I can still taste the awfulness in my mouth.  We had to escape the bad beer and go back to a great option from Lakeland’s Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev).  Later in the show, it’s time On this episode, we discuss

– Star Wars nerds have taken over the Facebook group

– Swervey Jones Show and the appreciation for his shoutouts

– Why we reset the show at 16

– Tom DeLonge 10 hour challenge

– Adam has to see the new Star Wars movie on the night it opens

– Alex continues to go hard

– Ranking cheaper beer in order of their less awfulness

– No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom anniversary

– Guitar riff/opening intro challenge

Follow the show on Twitter @BYOCBShow and the listen to the entire show catalog HERE.  Subscribe and rate the show on iTunes.

BYOCB Show 16 – Netflix and Chill

BYOCB Show 16 – If it’s your first time listening, or if you want to tell your friends about the show, this episode is the one to recommend. #interactivecontent  It was our first time at Craft Beer Cellar (@cbc_brandon) in Brandon, Florida.  On this show we discuss

– Six/seven degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon

– Turkey loaf farts and Chris’ problem

– Alex is so excited for the last Orlando City soccer match

– Only females and Adam use Pinterest

– Red Lobster cheddar biscuits

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BYOCB Show 15 – 999 Happy Haunts

In our sorta Halloween tribute episode, we’re back at Lakeland’s Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev) discussing all things Halloween, but of course we tangent and digress into many other topics.  On this episode, you’ll hear

– Pumpkin spice craze is crazy

– Star Wars/Superman themes challenge

– Orlando City soccer has drums

– Tom DeLonge has done lost his damn mind

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BYOCB Show 14 – Unholyland Experience

On this episode of BYOCB from Lakeland Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev), we welcomed Adam back, and by welcoming him back, I mean making fun of him repeatedly.  You’d think after 14 episodes, we could do a proper introduction, but we can.  On this episode, we discuss- Emo music and concert experiences- Limp Bizkit and our horrible taste in music

– The resurrection of Luscious B

– Ideas for a Disney World/video game/beer meetup

– Alex’s adventures at the Holy Land Experience

– Sunny D live taste taste

– Who is in your Wolfpack

– How Alex always seems to go hard

BYOCB Show 13 – Milk Jugs & Melody

On this episode of BYOCB from Lakeland Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev), we were joined by Miss Ella, who is our BYOCB Fashionista.  She have fantastic tips on shopping for men.  How can we look good for our significant others to earn rewards…in bed?  Our buddy Brian from, who conquered the Sunny D challenge sat in and drank a few beers with us.  On this show we also discussed

– Tom DeLonge doesn’t pay his bar tab

– How Alex almost ruined a long-time friendship because of a former Blink 182 frontman

– Alex’s future fiancee has a Peyton Manning impression

– Chris continues to get in idiotic situations and needs John the Alarm Guy in his life

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BYOCB – Show 12 – Tom DeLonge Parole Officer

Back from Lakeland’s Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev), we bring you show twelve where we were joined by not the real Tom DeLonge, who has a new line of work as Vanilla Ice’s parole officer.  On this episode we discuss

– Towel farts

– Big ole man towels

– Why Alex is an asshole

– Where is Adam?

– The Sunny D Challenge and a new show perspective

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BYOCB Show 11 – 70,000 Oz. Monster

I hope folks didn’t miss us, but we pulled together in our busy lives to record another show for our listeners.  It was early on Saturday and we were tired, but the show must go on.  On this episode we discuss

– Cannons

– Tom Green was revolutionary

– Alex is fed up with Polk County

– A Sunny Delight BYOCB challenge

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