BYOCB Show 6 – Fast Food Jesus

Live, and we really mean LIVE this time from Lakeland’s Beer Revolution, join us for the first show where we had groupies.  No, we really did.  On this show we discuss

– FBI Investigation

– Not apologizing to Jason Biggs

– Chinese restaurants don’t deliver in Lakeland

– Root beer beer

– Beer snobs

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BYOCB Show 5 – FU Jason Biggs

We started well and then it just became a “trainwreck”.  We’re such a success because we now own a fancy mixer that creates sound effects that we took advantage of way too much.  On this show we talk about

– Netflix

– Last Comic Standing

– John Cena’s bare ass

– Sharknado 3

– Line dancing & strip clubs

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BYOCB Show 4 – Role Reversal/I’m a Cowboy, Baby

Our second show from Lakeland Beer Revolution where we pretended it was Monday on a Friday.  We were so happy with the success of show three that we pumped out a second show within one week.  In a complete role reversal, Alex played the part of Adam and joined the entire show while Adam grilled chicken and worked out…simultaneously.  Topics on this show included

– Wedding Planning

– George Foreman Grill

– Chuck E Cheese

– Disney Princesses

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BYOCB Show 3 – #Merica

From Beer Revolution in Lakeland, Florida, we recap the Independence Day weekend, whether it be at Walt Disney World or if we’re watching a Rocky marathon.  Is there anything more American than Rocky Balboa beating Ivan Drago, the US women winning the World Cup, or Battlebots?  What does the 4th of July mean to you?  Is it fireworks, Hulk Hogan, or being hypersensitive?  Just the good ol’ boys are never meaning no harm.  We may now be banned as a podcast.  Alex showed up late as usual and we introduced a new segment called “Just Punch Yourself in the Face”.  Adam is so gung ho about this podcast, but he really screwed up.  #Merica  Songs featured on this show included Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Real American by Rick Derringer, Die Die Die by The Avett Brothers, and Bury our Friends by Sleater-Kinney.
We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.

BYOCB Show 2 – There’s a Wheedle on my Needle

Show number two from Brew Hub in Lakeland where it’s way too hot in Florida!  We all have swamp balls.  We discuss our vacations, bachelor parties, and break some major news with one of our guests.  Will you marry me?  How lame or how awesome can you make it?  Bathroom attendants are the number one cause of virus in the United States.
We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.

BYOCB Show 1 – Alec Trebek

In this first episode of BYOCB from the Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida, Chris and Adam discuss getting old, economics, and Ashlee Simpson.  We’re joined by “Alex” who talks about being catfished on Plenty of Fish and the time he spent as “Joseph from Haiti”, a Haitian migrant smokehouse worker.
We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.

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