BYOCB Show 81 – Burrito In My Bag

BYOCB is back at Sloppy Taco Palace and we are very happy to have our friend Mr. Tervis, who now owns our show back on microphone, plus a very special guest and Alex’s family, Mr. Ernest Hemingay joins us for the first time on the show.  On this show we discuss

– Mr. Tervis now owns BYOCB

– Fisher and Ernest Hemingay experience Alex at separate Orlando City matches

– Going to Boathouse at Disney Springs

– Soft shell crab

– A server making or breaking your dining experience

– Tipping for exceptional service

– Fisher ran into Jeff Howell outside of House of Blues

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BYOCB Show 80 – Dilated Bunghole

From Beer Rev, it’s our last BYOCB from this location before they move and expand to a bigger venue.  Fisher, Alex, and the Intern are joined by new BYOCB guest, who is now named “2 point 0” for the second half of the show, which was one of our longest to date.  On this show, we discuss

– Intern intervention

– Beer talk, buyouts, supporting local

– Evolution of BYOCB from Beer Rev

– Orlando Weekly Best of Voting

– Alex’s social media etiquette

– When Alex calls you on the phone

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BYOCB Show 79 – Cosby Cappuccino

BYOCB is back at Sloppy Taco Palace as we gathered again for some white boy reggae as the official Melodic Dissent groupies.  On this show we were joined by Samantha of the Samantics podcast and Alex’s buddy, Vegeta.  We had a lot of fun on this episode and introduced a brand new BYOCB game.  On this show we discuss

– The origin of Alex’s friend’s name

– Has Fisher loosened his stance on Oreo?

– Kings of Leon bassist pisses off an entire base of passionate wrasslin’ fans

– Alex bashes wrestling fans

– Pigeon poop

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BYOCB Show 78 – Boner on my Bill

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we gathered for some white boy reggae as the official Melodic Dissent groupies.  On this show we were joined by Samantha of the Samantics podcast and our good friend President Adams.  We had a lot of news and upcoming events to discuss first as our June is packed with fun.  On this show, we discuss

– Adam Levine

– Groups of yentas

– Shot shots shots shots

– Boner Morehead

– Nerd dad birthday

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BYOCB Show 77 – Swinging with Marvin

We were live in a fire pit at Vanbarry’s Public House in Orlando hanging out with a bunch of friends and drinking some delicious Central 28 beer.  Big thanks to Trey from the Swervey Jones Show for hanging out with us.  On this show, we discuss

– White boy reggae

– Alex’s Disney cruise experience

– Shunned by swingers

– The Subway streak

– Online easy ordering

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BYOCB Show 76 – Logan Sits In

With some scheduling conflicts that Alex and Fisher had this week, we did our best to pull together what we think is a fun show for you this week.  Our good friend Logan Sekulow sat in and this is a heavy nerd dad-centered show.  Hope you enjoy the laughs, cause we had a good time recording this.  Be sure to check out all of Logan’s content as he does a lot of podcasts including WDW Today, Scarezone, and BLT Lunch Break.  On this show, we discuss

– Social media trends

– Silly Facebook topics

– Boy band concerts

– Instagram issues and filters

– Meeting Mickey Rourke

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BYOCB Show 75 – Funktified My Beef

While Alex had a zombie bite his eye and Fisher is sick from funktified beef, we give you the latest BYOCB.  We’re every excited about our upcoming Central 21 craft beer and cornhole event.  On this episode, we discuss

– Alex’s excitement for his Disney cruise

– How did Alex’s eye get infected?

– Fisher spends his Easter purging

– Vinyl shopping with Fisher

– Is society’s attraction to vinyl and previous technology just a trend?

– The evolution of Mist Twst

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BYOCB Show 74 – 4-Finger Handjibber

We are back recording at Beer Revolution drinking delicious Central 28 Brewing Company Show Pigeon IPA…that is until we blew the keg, cause that happened!  We had a fun show with our buddy Vegeta and the intern.  Since our intern complained that he wanted more mic time, we let him try some news.  On this show, we discuss

– Central 28 craft beer and cornhole event with Chris

– When flies poop

– Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, and Zooey the Antichrist

– Disney cruises

– Wrestlemania experiences

– Fisher and Wale the rapper

– Steel chairs n’ da hood

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BYOCB Show 73 – Boops & Baps

It’s Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando, and before we all went to the event, we got together for Sunday brunch at Johnny’s Other Side to bring you another episode of your number one masturbation podcast, BYOCB.  On this show, we discuss

– Central 28 Brewing Company as our new April sponsor

– Songs about masturbation

– Xenophobia

– WWE invades Orlando

– Fisher hangs with Steezy and gets an armless Uber

– Walking the dog with Alex

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BYOCB Bonus – 2017 Lakeland Craft Beer Festival

We sat down with some great friends at the 2017 Lakeland Craft Beer Festival.  Welcome RJ from Backpack Social and Dan from Swan Brewing.  We had a great time recapping the beerfest and diving into the kind of stuff we do on BYOCB.

On this bonus show, we discuss

– Breweries represented at the beerfest

– Local Lakeland beers were killing it

– Secrets to surviving a beerfest

– Dave Coulier

– Dave Chappelle’s new special on Netflix

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