BYOCB Show 91 – Jizzard King

From Beer Rev, we welcome back the Intern, who has been away from the show for a while working on his internship degree.  He recaps his Comic Con adventures and we welcome our buddy, Tattoo Mike on this episode. On this episode, we discuss

– Fast Food Jesus French Fry Challenge

– Intern went to Comic Con

– Googoocuccino

– Kevin Smith live podcast

– iZombie

– Appetite for construction

Redlight Redlight event with Scotch and “good” Conversation

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BYOCB Show 90 – Newspockisgay

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we had a lot of friends come and hang out for this latest episode.  We started off with our buddies Logic Man and Vegeta. We then welcome More Human than Human and Dan Cummins’ Twin now known as DCT.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out and hung out with us while we did what we do. On this episode, we discuss

– Fisher and his Rocky t-shirt

– Destroying cornholes in Philly

– Alex adds everyone on Facebook

– Newspockisgay?

– Coors Light wants you to buy their beer and win prizes

– The day that Fast Food Jesus was born

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BYOCB Show 89 – Gargling with Queso

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddy Vegeta.  Two sloppies and some Oskar Blues has us gargling with queso.  Alex recaps a bit of his Denver trip that we pushed for about 6-7 episodes.  On this episode, we discuss

– Thank you to our friends for the support

– Falling asleep to podcasts

– Fisher is watching American Horror Story again

– Bring your own Cool Band – Alex’s new segment

– New Fast Food Jesus video

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BYOCB Show 88 – Neil DeLonge Tyson

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddies Brun Dog and Vegeta.  We drank some Oskar Blues and ate some delicious sloppy tacos as we introduce a new music game.  On this episode, we discuss

– Recapping last week’s misrepresented haircut topic

– Intern was at Comic-Con

– Creepy Cosby

– Welcome back to Orlando Dom Dwyer

– Fast Food Jesus represents the city at MCO

– Happy birthday new random BYOCB listener at the bar

– Top 10 songs people think are by someone else

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BYOCB Show 87 – Suck Up All the Sappy

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddies Logic Man and Vegeta, plus a very special guest, our boy, President Adams.  We drank some Oskar Blues and ate some delicious sloppy tacos as we gather to see Fast Food Jesus rage on Atlanta.  On this episode, we discuss

– Logic Man got engaged

– #YouAreBYOCB

Vote BYOCB for Orlando Weekly’s Best Local Instagram and Best Local Podcast

Vote Fast Food Jesus for Best Local Big Shot

– Atlanta trolls Orlando

– Ask Fast Food Jesus

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BYOCB Show 86 – Fast Food Judas

WHO IS FAST FOOD JUDAS?  From Sloppy Taco Palace, as Alex is watching our boy Logic Man get engaged, Fisher and the Intern are joined by Samantha of Samantics as co-host and we welcome a first time very special guest, our boy Dabbz Kay from the Burn It Down Show.  As we get ready for some Melodic Dissent white boy reggae, we bust out some nerd dad rap.  On this episode, we discuss

– Addictions

– Engagements

– Sh*t shows

– Drinking Zima

– Sober on soda

– Almond milk creamer

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BYOCB Show 85 – Bottle Rocket in the Bunghole

It’s our BYOCB Independence Day 4th of July spectacular and we’re hanging out at Casa de Fast Food Jesus.  We were joined by the intern and T-Rock on the grill as we celebrate #Merica #ScarfaceJumanji On this episode, we discuss

– Rocky marathons

– Iconic American movies

– Murica or Merica?

– We threw away a show — find out why

– Intern and Fast Food Jesus hang out before the 4th and shoot off fireworks

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BYOCB Show 84 – Egg McMuff Face

From Ocean Sun Brewing, Fisher is joined by Logic Man Chris as co-host for this show as Alex is out of the state.  We were happy to be joined by our buddy President Adams after the great AlanaPalooza event.  And it was awesome for Alana, herself, to make an appearance on the show and tell us all about her Avon 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer.  Plus, we had our buddy AJ from The US Show jump on for the first half of the show to hang out with us.  Oh yeah, the intern was there too.  The IPAs were clearly flowing as we were tangent and sing-song crazy.  On this show, we discuss

– AlanaPalooza was a HUGE success

– Rocky Mountain Oysters

– Donate to Alana at

– Fisher watched ABC’s Boy Band but can’t get through a Netflix series completely

– Best Spice Girl?

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BYOCB Show 83 – One Chub in the Hood

From the World of Beer in Orlando, Florida, Fisher and Alex are joined by T-Rock and Samantha of Samantics.  We were so happy that the Corbitts came and hung out with us.  We have a lot of behind the scenes stories to tell as we go #BehindTheAntics. On this show we discuss

– Riding in the front seat of a Lyft/Uber

– New sponsor – Main Street Art Corner

– The ONRS Perfect Game

– We go #BehindTheAntics

– Tailgating with Zima

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BYOCB Show 82 – Boofing in the Rafters

BYOCB turns two years old and we celebrated at Red Dog Pub & Grill before we moved to  Sloppy Taco Palace to close the night watching our buddies in Melodic Dissent.  We started off at the Embassy Suites overlooking Red Dog and then enjoyed a fantastic two year celebration before the second half of the show, which included Samantha from Samantics and Trey from the Swervey Jones Show. On this show we discuss

– Montreal Bachelorette party

– Beer recommendation for summer

– Darryl Hall & John Oates/Tears for Fears concert

– Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud

– Avril Lavigne

– Not washing your hands

– Recapping the two year celebration

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